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To start your meal…

Home Made Duck from Butel with Broad Beans of Tonka
Apple Pear with Cinnamon Chutney

19.00 €

Small Ravioli Filled  with Lobster alongside Shellfish Broth with Flavored Cardamom

And Small Vegetable made "Pot au Feu"


9 Oysters of Asnelles : “La Calvadosienne” served Simply


Royal-Style Asparagus with Thick Sausage from Vire and Espuma with Smoke Flavour


The Fisherman’s Catch…

Roasted Wild Turrbot with Asparagus Tips and Velvety Sauce


Breaded Sole with Flavours of Normandy Saffron and Crisp Suggar
With Crystallized Lemon


Monk Fish and Royal Dublin Bay Prawn with Citronnella and Seasonal Vegatable Tops


Grilled Bass with Citrus Fruit Butter and Orange Preserve Fennel


The Richness of our Fields…

Heart of Normandy Beef Ribsteak, Capers Sauce and in Basil Oil Roasted "Noire de Crimée"

27.00 €

Braised Veal Sweetbreads
With Sour Rhubarb and Artichoke

26.00 €

Honey Glazed Duck Breast Fillet from Butel Farm with Mixed Spices and Apple on Cider

25.00 €

Salt-Marsh Lamb, "Grenaille Pan-Sautéed" with Glasswort and Small Onions

27.00 €

A Selection from our Pastures…

Our Selection of Ripened Cheeses per our Friend Jeremy Thomas

9.00 €

Camembert Crumble with Dried Fruits

7.00 €

The Gourmet Extravaganza of our Pastry Chef*…

Warm Apple Pastry with Calvados
Caramel Sauce with Saffron

10.00 €

Smashed Meringue and Thyme Vanilla Iced Cream
On Chocolate Ganache Cream


Sweet Vegetable and Goodies
And Ice Cream

10.00 €

Roasted "Guariguette" Strawberries with Long Pepper,
Soft Cake with Almonds and Fennel Sorbet

10.00 €

The Pastry Chef's Chocolate of Michel Cluizel Surprises

10.00 €

Gourmet Coffee with Dainty Desserts

10.00 €

*Our desserts require special preparation so please order your dessert when ordering your meal.