The Hotel Le Lion d'or, Restaurant La table du Lion im Zentrum von Bayeux, Normandie
Charmantes Hotel, Gourmet-Step, Kutschenhaus des achtzehnten XVIII

Besserer garantierter tariff : - 8% für eine reservierung




To start your meal…

Home Made Duck from Butel Farm with Cocoa Pepper and Cocoa Thin Lace Biscuit

19.00 €

Small Ravioli Filled with Lobster alongside Shellfish Broth with Flavored White Cardamon

And Seasonal Vegetables


9 Oysters of Asnelles : “La Calvadosienne” served Simply


Velvety Cepe Mushrooms Soup with Dried Bacon of Pig from Bayeux, Salad of Wilds Herbs with Small Cepe


The Fisherman’s Catch…

Roasted Wild Turbot, Coco Beans of Paimpol and Chorizo of Pig from Bayeux


Monk Fish just Cooked with "Carta Fata", Infused with Summer Truffle and "Pack Shoï" Cabbage  


Breaded John Dory with Flavours of Normandy Saffron and Crisp Suggar with Crystallized Lemon


Bass, Galingale Roots Juice, Smoked Potato with Craterellus Mushrooms


The Richness of our Fields…

Grilled Heart of Normand Beef Ribsteack with "Plancha" Roasted Beetroots with Preserved Shallots

28.00 €

Roasted Pigeon with Hay, Chestnuts Preserve with Fennel
And Orange Peels

27.00 €

Salt-Marsh Lamb with Small Provencal Vegetables

27.00 €

Suckling Pig in a Dried Fruits Crust, Chanterelle Mushrooms and Roasted Figs with "Banyuls"

26.00 €

A Selection from our Pastures…

Our Selection of Ripened Cheeses per our Friend Jeremy Thomas

9.00 €

Camembert Crumble with Dried Fruits

7.00 €

The Gourmet Extravaganza of our Pastry Chef*…

Warm Apple Pastry with Calvados
Caramel Sauce with Saffron

11.00 €

The Chestnut : Light Cream with Chestnuts on a Chilled Biscuit with a Honey Lime Sorbet


"Streuzel" of Pumpkin with Peeled Almonds Cake, Small White Chocolate Soup with Coriander

11.00 €

Soft Macaroon Mangaro Chocolate Ginger, Maralumi Ganache and Mascarpone Sorbet

11.00 €

"Suzette Millefeuille" and Small Glace with Citrus Fruits

11.00 €

Small Glasses with Autumn Flavours

11.00 €

*Our desserts require special preparation so please order your dessert when ordering your meal.